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Artist & Author


Who is Susan Blacklin?

Susan grew up near London in the UK, some folks said she was born with a pencil in
her hand as she loved to draw and write from an early age. She spent a great deal of time with her grandparents who were avid gardeners, her father also enjoyed
gardening. This is where Susan developed her love of gardening, from playing and
reading in their gardens.


Susan emigrated to Canada and lived seventeen years in Winnipeg, then twenty-five years in Saskatchewan, before she eventually made her home on Vancouver Island.

Susan claims she has “done her time” living in the prairies, where she was always too busy working and raising four children to ever pursue her love of art and writing. Once retired and living on the inspirational west coast, Susan took many art classes with accomplished teachers, and practiced developing her own style, she is not sure she has a trademark design as she loves trying new ideas.

At her daughter's suggestion, Susan began writing her memoirs and found the exercise very therapeutic, she took online creative writing classes and an editor friend remarked after reading some of her work that “you have a book here.” This inspired Susan to focus on this period of her life and she is humbled and proud that it has now been accepted by a publisher and is her first book.

All royalties from book sales in Canada will be donated equally to Keepers of the Water and the Safe Drinking Water Foundation.

Expertise and Passion

Susan Blacklin is not only an author, but also an advocate for Indigenous rights. Her passion for this issue shines through in her paintings and writing, which is both informative and deeply moving.

Extensive Research

Susan's work is based on extensive research and firsthand experience. With her late husband, Dr. Hans Peterson, Susan has traveled across Canada to meet with Indigenous communities and learn about their struggles and triumphs.

Engaging Writing Style

Susan's writing is accessible and engaging, making complex issues easy to understand and compelling to read.

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