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Connect With Susan Blacklin

Susan would love to hear from you!


Thank you for your interest in Water Confidential: Witnessing Justice Denied

Susan would love to hear any comments or reviews you have of her book after you've read it. 


Please email her directly at

Please also consider leaving a review on the Caitlin Press website, Amazon, Chapters/Indigo,

or any other online retailer her book can be found at. 

If you'd like to order prints of any of her art, you can use the order form below. 

  • Susan's Facebook

Alternatively, Susan invites you to connect with her on Facebook

Online Order Form

The fee to reproduce an one-time image from a digital file is $100 CAD.


Tell us the print shop's email address where you would like your digital file sent for printing. 

Payments accepted via Paypal for Worldwide orders, or Email Transfer within Canada.

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Thanks for your order!

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