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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

- Maya Angelou

Be it a painting or a book, each expresses a story I like to share. I hope you enjoy my stories.

To Listen to Susan's Presentations and/or Readings: 

Readers are invited to post their reviews/comments about Water Confidential at Chapters/Indigo, Amazon, or Goodreads

The launch party for Water Confidential on March 21 was a huge success!

Any organisations, charities or non-profits interested in fundraising can purchase copies of Water Confidential to sell to members or individuals.

Please reach out to Susan on her contact page if you'd like to book her for your in-person or virtual event, or if you have any questions for her. 

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Please click and share this Press Release with others and help promote Susan's book. 

The Morning Edition - Sask with Stefani Langenegger
Interview on CBC Radio with Susan Blacklin,
March 7, 2024 

Sask author fights for safe drinking water in Indigenous and rural communities

Political Denial

Susan recently wrote to Indigenous Services Canada seeking answers in regards to safe drinking water in Indigenous communities in Canada. 

ISC response to a letter Susan sent them in February.

Susan's response to the ISCs letter.

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